Fresh-Cut Fruit And Vegetables


Fresh-cut fruit and vegetables are those fresh vegetables and fruit that, after harvesting, are subjected to minimal technological processes aimed at ensuring their hygienic safety and enhancement, following good processing practices. These treatments are mainly based on the maintenance of the cold chain, which must in fact be a constant that accompanies the fruit and vegetable product in all its phases, from post-harvest to consumption. Therefore, Fresh-cut fruit and vegetables are defined as fruits, vegetables and, in general, fresh vegetables, with a high service content, packaged and ready for consumption.
The Fresh-cut products combines genuineness and aspects of ease consumption and thus provides a food that well responds to the main trends of food consumption: towards packaged and ready-to-use foods, with a high natural content and health requirements (healthy). Among the advantages of buying fresh-cut products, time saving is one of the fundamental aspects, but also important are the low caloric content, the richness of fibers and mineral salts, antioxidant properties, voluminousness and practicality.


Facilitated by the cypher key -6.4% with which it had closed 2020, the turnover of the fresh-cut fruit and vegetables in 2021 reached 1,224 million euros, recording a + 17.6%. 2021 was therefore the year of recovery for the fresh-cut fruit and vegetables which, with the exception of the Single Plates segment, managed to equalize the sales of 2019 (+0.8%) thanks to a growth of 6% compared to 2020, driven by the run of Discount Stores (+12%) and the substantial recovery of all classic formats (Super and Iper) with the exception of large Hypermarkets. This recovery must be read with further optimism considering that in 2021 the return to old habits was partial due to the restrictions on the territory still active in the first months of the year.


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