Unione Italiana Food

The industries producing coffee, breakfast cereals, confectionery, chocolate, ice cream, nutrition and health, pasta, food preparations, food products, baked goods, frozen products, vegetable products can be members of Unione Italiana Food.

To ask for joining the Association, you have to fill in the form and send it to Unione Italiana Food. For more information you can consult the Articles of Association or contact the Administrative Office:

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Breakfast cereals



Ice cream

Nutrition And Health
- Food For Infants And Young Children
- Food Supplements
- Sweetener


Food Preparations
- Broth, Soup, extracts and the like
- Dressings, Sauces And Condiments
- Products for ice cream
- Bakery Products and the like

Gastronomy Products
- Tea, extracts and tea drinks
- Chamomile and herbal infusions
- Spices ed aromatic herbs
- Honey and other hive products
Natural sausage casings

Bakery Products

Frozen Products

Plant-Based Products
- Fruit Juices And Nectars and vegetables
- Jams, Marmalades, jellies and the like
- Vegetables Preserved In Vinegar, Brine, Oil and th like
- Fresh-Cut Fruit And Vegetables
- Mushrooms



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